Transbant Rubber is the first factory in Turkey producing textile reinforced conveyor belt since 1964. We can manufacture up to 2000mm width, and upto 30 mm thickness, abrasion, heat resistant, flame, oil, acid and cold-resistant flat conveyor belts and various profiles belts with DIN 22102 - EN ISO 14890 and ISO 9001-2008 Certification Standards with 200,000 m² production capacity a year. The application rubber conveyor belts that we manufacture are Thermal Power Plants, Iron and Steel plants, Coal Mines, Mining Industry, Cement Plants, Stone Quarries. We export more than 50 % of our production to various countries including Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukrania, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Iran, Kuwait, N. Cyprus.. We are establishing strong position every single day in Euro-Asia and North Africa with investing tomorrow’s technology. Sincerely,
TRANSBAT Lastik San. ve Tic. Ltd.Şti

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